So, i'm banned...

2008-02-11 15:07:38 by poppy862

i can't post in the forum so here's some of the more recent news that has been goin' on with my life:

1. I finally got me Flash. Big thing there.
2. Got a new computer for Christmas.
3. Pokemon sucks even more than when it was a video game.
4. I love Mountain Dew.

There you go.

So, i'm banned...


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2008-02-11 15:25:24

it suks bein banned


2008-02-12 01:38:50

So you were banned like me for posting in a spam topic named 'Omg Guyz'?


2008-02-17 15:45:29

whats mountain dew?

poppy862 responds:

God juice.